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Tse-Min Wang
汪澤民 'Takumin' 

Assistant Professor at National Taipei University
PhD in Public Governance at Tilburg University


Welcome to my website! 

I obtained my Ph.D. in Public Governance at Tilburg School of Economics and Management (TiSEM), Tilburg University on March 18, 2021. I am now doing a post-doc in the Department of Public Governance at Tilburg University, working on the economic analysis of social impact bonds.

My research lies in Institutional Economics, Public Governance, Experimental Economics, and Innovation and Entrepreneurship.


About Me

I am an interdisciplinary scholar with research and teaching experience that transcend the disciplinary boundaries between economics, public administration, social psychology, and innovation studies. My research projects focus on the prosocial motivations in different social contexts, applying conceptual, experimental, and survey methodologies to investigate how the complex and diverse interaction between psychological attributes and the social environment shape prosocial behaviour.

I hold a BA in International Business (specialized in Consumer Behavior and Business Strategy) at National Taiwan University, RM in Economics (specialized in Institutional Economics and Industrial Organization) at Tilburg University, and I am currently at the final stage of finishing my PhD in Public Governance at Tilburg University.

Latest Publication

Abstract: Public service-motivated individuals have a greater concern for the delivery of public services and for the societal consequence of collective inaction, seeing themselves play a pivotal role in upholding public goods. Such self-efficacy and perceived importance of public service jointly motivate individuals to commit to sacrificing for the common good. Using an incentivized laboratory experiment with 126 undergraduate and graduate students at a university in the Netherlands, we explore the association between self-reported public service motivation (PSM) and voluntary self-sacrifice under different task characteristics and social contexts in a Volunteer’s Dilemma game. We find that risk-taking and intergroup competition negatively moderate the positive effect of PSM on volunteering. The risky situation may reduce an individual’s self-efficacy in making meaningful sacrifice, and intergroup competition may divert attention away from the concern for society at large to the outcome of the competition, compromising the positive effect of PSM on the likelihood to self-sacrifice for the common good.

Tse-Min 'Takumin' Wang

國立臺北大學經濟學系 社4F08

23730 新北市三峽區大學路151號

Office 4F08, Social Science Building, Department of Economics, National Taipei University

University Road 151, Sanxia Dist., New Taipei City 237303, Taiwan

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